Wednesday, October 29, 2008

GEEK is moving!

G.E.E.K. will be moving shortly to for a few reasons-those being direct url domain remapping, extended widget use, and premium user support. More to come. Keep visiting this site until I have the other blog ready.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Turn it up and make it knock (knock)

I don't to mean to do it purposefully, but more and more it seems like I take interest in stuff that seems very modest and can be done by any simple person, but is very interesting in merit and originality. First it was small art projects-then it was stencils. A friend of mine brought up the subject of Lego and since then I've been looking at a lot of sculptures people have made either to serve the purpose of playful diorama making or for more 'meta' pieces of artwork. There is a lot of it out there, folks.
Some of it is rather simple and uses special pieces in interesting ways while others take the *entire idea* of Lego and makes some rather...dramatic works. These kinds of works makes me wonder-how many can accomplish stuff like that, when given the time? Are people popular for this solely because they are the first? I shrug at the answers because it does not make the piece less remarkable.
My last Lego minded link. This guy is *fantastic.* The idea is very meager and manageable but I can guarantee it is more cumbersome once you realize a few pixels translates into dozens of blocks.
So let's talk about Blogging. The reason I talk about merit and originality and all of that is because I've been doing a few small bits of research. I have been nose deep in internet articles studying my butt off about the business of blogging and blog advertising. (This has been accompanied by the bangin Girl talk album entitled Night Ripper!) I have always had the goal to have a career doing something I love, and while I can't say I would like to make blogging my number one profession, I would absolutely love seeing monetary "results" from it, if you catch my drift. While I haven't made heads or tails of it all, I had an extremely good idea.
I'm going to try to make some moolah off of this blog. A big sliver of it will go to Child's Play Charity for my Senior Project at Brown School. Sweet. Have fun with something and help your grades *and* Children's Hospitals! I'll try to figure out donation widgets and Adsense soon...Seems like this is too easy to pass up.
Consider me happy when Kosair Children's Hospital is happy with what I've done and when I have a Macbook. (Look. I know greed is a sin but..) Notice how I did not mention having good grades at all?

Anyways. In the World Of Warcraft, boy have I been busy doing a whole lot of nothing. Blizzard has really made up for the Burning Crusade launch event with the WOTLK scenario. Zombies (which have spawned from Plagued Rats, Roaches, and Crates) have been constantly bombarding major cities. At first, infection took ten minutes and was easy to dispell, via decursing or from the help of Argent Dawn Healers. Not so, when it came past Saturday. Infection took 1 minute at it's shortest time, meaning a handful of zombies could explode and infect anyone nearby. And I mean anyone. (Corpse Explosion will infect someone. Repeated exposure brings you ten seconds closer to turning.) Most of saturday night was spent making the corpse run to Ironforge's Auction House, just to explode.
Here is what would happen.
I turn. Guards rush in. Players turn around and stare. I explode and everyone is infected. Auctioneers are included. As I run back, someone tries to decurse everyone. I run back in just in time for all those who have not been reached to turn, reinfected those who have been decursed. Auctioneers turn and people are left helpless. As a 51 point arms warrior, I did a stupid thing and got Bladestorm. This means I Whirlwind for six seconds straight. This means I could kill the zombies I just infected, and possibly get infected myself! Sweet!
I can't describe the glory that it was, boning people over no matter what, but it was definitely a hoot. Major cities everywhere looked like a Warzone. My applause goes to Blizzard for creating such a dynamic and engaging event. The battle between WoW and WHO has gotten even better, mainly because Blizzard has pulled a few of their customers back for this event, and in two weeks, for the launch of WOTLK. I will be content if the expansion is half as fun as this event.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Things just get more and more interesting.

With the subtle introduction of the zombie plague into WoW as of patch 3.0, things have been ramping up daily. First it was conspicuous crates that initiated the plague, then it was cockroaches..Now it's roaming dead villagers in starting areas.

Imagine my surprise (and morbid glee) when I see a familiar necropolis floating over Ironforge. Neat, huh? Well that apparently isn't all. A new boss has popped up in Karazhan and Argent Dawn recruiters are sending us over there to check out. Hopefully we'll seem some outright overwhelming hordes of zombies soon enough. As of now I am going to kill that duder.

Friday, October 24, 2008

As furiously quick as I can

I have fifteen minutes to do this miniature blog. If you want to be a viking, Mirrored is probably the best album you can listen to. I can just picture bearded men, horned helms and furs and all, hopping around a circle of burning virgins as they hoot and holler. Battles made a well presented piece of art that goes across a lot of boundaries with 'Mirrored.' In the simplest of terms, the first "real" album battles has put down is simply musical candy.
I don't know how, but a lot of elements you'll find in other genres of music come together here and create something intensely fierce and passionate. These guys play their heart out. Here's a youtube of an entire concert of their's.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Naming him laika was probably a poor decision on my part

In other news, I am still giving that "spice up your life with love/creativity" horoscope until Sunday. If I have failed miserably on Sunday, I will probably just continue onward like I do every week so I guess I am okay with that.
Saw Pride and Prejudice at Actor's Theatre and for an incredibly bland story the second half of it turned out very well, even though the whole play can be summarized by this:

random daughter-"OH BOY A LETTER FROM DARCY!"
other girls "OH HOW DELIGHTFUL"

And they jump around and shout for "ma'ma" and touch their breasts in excitement. This is pretty much how the play worked.

I will be in the Courier Journal tomorrow and hopefully I enjoy my time in my own little, special, spotlight. Friday should be a good day, but it'd be even better if that stupid cat came home. I guarantee he is living it up in someone else' house eating fatty foods and chillaxing out by a pool.

I am tired but tomorrow I am gonna talk about how Godspeed You! Black Emperor has affected post-rock in both good (DMST) and bad (every other side project) ways.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Helpin the kids out of their coats...

October has me excited for a lot of reasons-the main one being the onset of winter. That means a few things:

Hot Chocolate
Electric Blankets
The Feeling of being a giant bear in a den when you are under an electric blanket.

Also, in winter, I get really thoughtful about various silly things so I am excited for that. I also get to stay in hotels. I love hotels. Turn the thermostat down and snuggle. But I feel like I'm starting this post off on the wrong foot. I think I need to change a few things because the last horoscope I had said "Artful change, etc, etc, gonna hook up with a girl throw some spice in there, etc. etc." Well. I've failed on that last part once more so I guess I should do something about the former.
Thinking I'll rasterbate (that is, to blow up a single image and print it out as a giant poster) a picture and get it on my wall. Sometimes I hate having such a small space but during winter I do not really mind. I like living in an uncivilized cave.
More money coming in this week means more useless stuff. This week it goes to-
Viking Helmets
Viking Stuff
Viking Boat
Maybe some comic books.

I figured with the last one that I at least owe it to myself to read the rest of Astonishing X-men's current volumes. Or to the point in which Emma White (Frost Queen) becomes a sniveling bitch of a traitor. I was reading a few comic blogs the other day and manages to regret falling upon a page in which the author thought the world was ending because of sexism in comic books. Seriously. She (I presume because I am sexist) was flipping her shit thinking that the sexual exploitation of a woman's body fictionally and artistically was something new or exciting. Let's take a look at a few examples of pretty blantant sexism in comic books-

1. Emma Frost is Marvel's attempt at not-so-subtly sneaking softcore (oh who am I kidding?) porn into comic books. She's a pretty funny chickadee, and had a bit of a spine while she played her part in the socialite-parent-country-club-organization the Hellfire Club, but jesus christ do I find her beyond redemption much of the time. Marvel did a short (I think 4 half page comic book volumes) series where Emma was a youngster and was pretty much discovering her powers. It was good stuff for the most part, save for the short story where Emma proceeds to earn money cheating in gambling casinos. (She reads minds, all of that jazz.) But in Astonishing and New X-Men, you can expect a few golden nuggets of dialogue that read out as such-

Cyclops-"Hey team we need to split this up and go at it as such."
Beast-"okay I have your back man let me just fuck around on a computer also I admit I am gay"


Shadowcat-"You're a huge bitch"
Emma Frost-"lol im so much hotter than u and I can steal ur boyfriend"

Not to mention she dresses like she is about to do a spread for Hustler.

2. Wonder Woman-Wonder Woman is a product of an older generation and I had a pretty big problem with the aforementioned blogger bringing her up in the conflict of sexism in comic books. The whole "She is a woman but she is tough and merciless" shtick is very transparent (but still there) and she certainly has a dubious upbringing in regards to fairness and equality. (she was raised by lesbian amazonian chickadees, basically.) But Wonder Woman has stayed pretty fair in terms of how she is looked at by both sexes. Sure, she has brought a lot of the clout from WW2 era thinking into comic books, but she has stayed pretty pure for the most part-look at her costume. Same as it ever was. Now I'm not saying her costume defends her being a big boobed gal who is into bondage, but I think Wonder Woman is at fault for starting a lot of the fair view hooplah, mainly because she is so popular. When people think of female super heroes, those who are uninitiated think of Wonder Woman.

3. Superman. Yep! It's a guy. This one is a bit more hypothetical than the other two, but it works like this-if people are tired of seeing women in comics who play the role of eye candy yet are saviours of worlds, why don't people flip out over Superman? I cannot even *think* of a more metafictionally superficial character. I hate superman due to the lack of creativity powerwise and plot wise, but I feel I need to use him to get this point across since he is so flawed in his own being. Superman is very strong and can make tornadoes from his breath and he has heat vision and x-ray vision and can fly and probably is not lacking anywhere at all. (Har har har.) He also has an alterego that is soft spoken and capable and looks good and does as he is told. Using this frame of mind, let's impose that a bit onto a blanker slate-
Superhero who is totally good looking and can do whatever he wants and has a cool alterego
Female superhero who is totally good looking and can do whatever she wants and has a cool alterego.

Oh fuck. It starts making sense. Superman is a product of inverse sexism, albeit quiet in demeanor. I don't think sexism is a problem in comics as much as superficiality. A lot of writers and artists write characters as strong and well balanced because many people don't like seeing flaws in a person at initial inception-Would we be interested in a skinny superman who is just as old and has the same powers but sometimes complains about seeing his ribs? Not really. Instead we get characters that are relatively okay and are then given problems to solve or deal with.

All I'm saying is that women in comics *can* fall under the banner of products of sexism, but you must carefully inspect what does and does not make something sexist. A fully capable female who can take care of herself and is attractive is not sexist-it's just something people like to see. How can a hero be so muddled up and lackadaisical and still carry interest, otherwise? People also need to take a step back and realize much of the dilemma arises because of superficiality, and I am okay with that. Emma Frost *is* a bit ridiculous (but don't tell anyone that I enjoy it) and *does* need to be toned down both in aesthetical and philosophical forms. But this is not a problem of sexism-it's of stupid, stupid writers. People like big boobs and blonde hair universally-to take it out in rage upon comic books is silly because I can assure you that is everywhere around you and has simply seeped into another type of media.
But I digress.
Bottom Line-Sexism is flaunting balance in a female/falling under the need of dependence of a male. Sexism is NOT fulfulling aspects of society that make people attractive and being a super hero on the side.

People need to rethink why they hate that-half of the time it is just shitty writing.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Have you talked to your doctor about the patch? (Those who are pregnant or at risk of stroke should not take 3.02)

I had my virtual life layed out for me. Hunter to 70. Rogue to 70. Fuck around on my warrior. Goddamnit, 3.0. Inscription is done but Hallow's End comes along and taunts me with some genuinely fun achievements that you will not be able to do until next year. Say goodbye to being on schedule for Wrath, folks. I've been selling less and less glyphs just out of sheer laziness, but hope to pick back up again to buy my alts epic mounts. Should be transferring to Maelstrom at some point.
In the real world, I have decided to become a viking. yep. Abe Lincoln is pretty much normal as far as costumes go. I am already tell. Vikings? Shit yes you get that helm and a sword and like maybe a beard or something. And a boat.
Photographer came, stayed for an hour, decided to take a picture of me throwing pizza in the air. Should see it this friday.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I smashed up they grey, then we bought tha' red

So there I was wednesday night ultimately pissed at two of the people I work with. It is friday and I am considerably less pissed. People who tell you attitude gets you places don't know the truth of things. People around you are bound to affect you and I figured that the difference between tonight and wednesday night were the people around me. I fucking love my job on fridays. Some of the funniest stuff is said on friday nights when no one is listening. My boss offers me a spot in a gay triad, I offer my boss a cosby-sweater. (I had to explain it to him.) Anyways-if you're a miserable sad sack, surround yourself with different people. It does wonders. Fuck the people who bog you down.
Good news from work, as well. Photographer for Courier Journal calls. Wants to do a photoshoot at my house for my article due either next friday or on Halloween. Awesome. I need to do the following-
1. Clean my goddamn cave of a room.
2. Stand all of the transformers up. (Reppin Onslaught humpin Ratchet)
3. Get the fucking nerf darts out of each corner of my room
4. I don't think you understand how hard it is to stand up transformers.
5. Spray paint that shirt and gently suggest "FREE GUN SHOW" is not offensive or politically charged to the photographer.
6. Decide upon a good wallpaper to *maybe* rep in a photo of me being nerdy. Right now I have a good one of Rorschach(sp)'s inkblot mask during the last few pages of WATCHMEN. Hot *damn* I need to carve up a stencil of the lovers in the alley and spray that all over Louisville.
Either Ror, a pic of the Melee Beats album cover to rep gooniness, or maybe one of a multicolor Daft Punk. Or the Danger pyramid. Know I am hip, Louisville. Know it.

OKAY. Lots of goals. Doing Blackwing Lair in WoW later. Very fun dungeon. Scared me the first time through. lagged through the supression room.
So for topics. I wanna take it back to WATCHMEN for a second.


So our main villain here has a really short-sighted solution to the evils of society. His *solution* is debatable morally and I got sorta pissed at Moore for fucking up at a few crucial points in the book. Ozy, man, I sorta saw him as being the bad dude for quite a while, but when I thought of him fucking up New York I didn't think it'd be such a weird way to do so. It just *does not* fit into the rest of the story. Sore thumb. Some good art comes out of it, and the dialogue from news companies on the tv panels in Antartica have a lot of sincerity to them, but really, alien? Half of the fun of Watchmen is the aspect of humanism, but you bring this fucking monster into so late into the crux of the book? No good.
Second off-Ozymandias you are a goddamned idiot. For someone who envisions the world as peaceful because of a fake alien invader, you come across as pretty certain as to the world's outcome. So his plan is to calm Russia and the U.S. the fuck down by making them unite against a cause. Millions dead in New York. This seems a bit short sighted-for a genius that follows in the steps of Alex the Great he really expects too much from his masterplan. I mean, the dude speaks as if this hoax will end all war. No. No. No. Russia and U.S. kill alien. Nations twiddle thumbs. Well. Where'd that put you?
Another thing. Ozymandias goes on this huge fucking rant about how war is making America impoverished and bankrupt on education. So encouraging warfare amongst fake aliens does what to correct the moral desolation of America and gives money to what schools, now?

Small peckings at an otherwise great piece of art.

But one last thing. At first I thought Rorschach was a huge ass. Dr. Manhattan was awesome. Nope. End of the book? I have more sympathy for everyone BUT Doc. Why? Rorschach stays true to the character 'till the end. As Doc goes off to Mars and chats with Laurie, he totally changes perspectives. Laurie and Doc discuss the merits of human perspective, the universe, etc etc. Doc is like "Nope Laurie, you're a piece of shit, quit bitching and calm down. Earth sucks."
The rest of the conversation ensues as such-

Doc-Laurie quit crying seriously it's just a fucking planet humans aren't that great
Laurie-Hey fuck you nuh uh

Then he sorta panders around, fulfilling the whole "Ooh I love watching molecules do the nasty" stereotype. The 'Rors undergoes evaluation' part of the book is fucking depressing. Doc had an interesting backstory but his future and present self are not nearly as interesting.


Okay. I am off. Posts tomorrow.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Inscription is fantastic. It's a brilliant idea and it's a moneymaker. Sure, the economy is boned in WoW because of price gougers, but money is getting passed through quite a few hands. Buyers are benefiting, scribes are benefiting and herbalists are benefiting. Stopped around 215 because I'm out of herbs to make more glyphs, but I am farming them right now in Felwood. More obligatory WoW posts later.

I guess I can watch the watchmen

So this is the inaugural post of GEEK. I know some of you have been following my videos on and others have not. I hope you all made the jump easily over here. Down to business before fun-
There will be video blogs! I promise I will make videos once I know how to upload them.
Commenting is anonymous. If you're one of those people too lazy to register here, feel free to comment on posts anyway. I know you all would be scared off if (god forbid) you have to enter your email address somewhere.

Enough with that.

I've been reading Alan Moore's WATCHMEN 'Graphic Novel' on and off for the past week on the bus ride to and from school and I guess, if I want to be one of those critic folk who get yelled at, I should do a little bit of a review. To preface this-A lot of people seem to think I write stuff off before I ever get around to experience it. Not true. I was a little uneasy getting into WATCHMEN because every single nerdy kid has said "It's SO GOOD AND DARK and the characters ARE SO DEEP." These are also the same people who say "WOW X-MEN BLOWS COMICS SUCK THIS IS A GRAPHIC NOVEL." Fine. Astonishing X-Men is entertaining, but fine.
Anyways, W.M. is a story set in the alternate universe world of 1985. Nixon is in office. The Cold War is at it's zenith and America is in shambles after excess spending on warfunds. We are so splendidly introduced to a New York skyline via the murder of an ex-superhero, The Comedian. It is this murder that introduces us to other masked crusaders (Silk Spectra, What's her face Jupiter, Nite Owl, Rorschach.) Most of these heroes have hung up the cloak because of the outlandishness of their past fashion, save the prying Dick Tracy-ish Rorschach, characterized by an ink blot mask and trench coat. He's our first look at the life of a superhero in W.M. Rorschach, who writes in extremely crude english in a little journal, is the only hero to become suspicious of the Comedian's murder.
To speed things up-everything goes wrong. Russia freaks out. America freaks out. A giant naked blue man freaks out. I don't want to reveal everything because that is half the fun, right? I, myself tried to read W.M. a good two times when I was younger and never made it past the first chunk of the collection, but this time I pushed through. Alan Moore does a great job of writing a plausible story without making it really god damn boring and dull. Sure, Rorschach brings a noir-y element to it all, but I never felt tired when he was being a general dick to all of the hooligans in New York.
Alan Moore knows how to make things seem very tense and anxious. Throughout the story the reader is able to watch many characters crumble under the pressure of a nuclear war. Headlines are shown in the background regarding Nixon's all around foolishness, street-vendors keep spouting things like "Hey! We're America, we can't take none of this! Fuck Russia!" Okay. He doesn't say that. But still. Alan is able to imply this great feeling of..despair. The world is swept up in plague of social decay and he wants us to know it.
I recently started reading comic books again and I always complain how dialogue feels either too modern or too nostalgic. It's either "Hey bro, that was a rad claw to the face you %^&*()" or "Gee, Cyclops, that was a rather fierce strike you delivered to my mandible." Just right in W.M. Just right. I can really empathize with the characters because they don't drive me up a fucking wall.
The art direction is nothing short of fantastic. Nothing flashy-which is great because it fits the mood of the story so well. Dave Gibbons is one crafty fellow, I'll tell ya that much. When I read comics I usually speed through the speech bubbles, look at what they're face is displaying, and read on. W.M. made me read the speech bubble and sort of zoom out, so to speak. There are quite a few instances of dynamic and creative perspectives on an issue. It can be from the front door of a sleazy bar to a genetically engineered dog approaching it's master. I think it is a dog. It's something weird. Maybe a lynx. Dunno.
I feel like I've been vague with the plot, but I think it does WATCHMEN justice. It's one of the only comic books where I didn't feel the need to know the ending immediately because everyone acts accordingly and because you know when it *does* happen, it will be shit. Seriously. Between chapters clock hand's move ever so slowly towards midnight. It drove me bonkers. When it hit midnight-FUCK. I think some of the best artwork has come out of the last 25 pages of WATCHMEN and I really think it deserves more praise. I was shaking my head on the bus and flipping back to past pages because things were so intricately placed.
Pick up WATCHMEN if you have the money and time. A lot of people pass comic books off as very sophmoric pieces of entertainment, but I truely believe Alan and Dave crafted a story that explores timeless themes. Global Warming? Political Strife? Human Rights? Justice? Mercy? You betcha. Half the time I forgot this wasn't written last year. If you don't want to watch the Watchmen, at least read it. For once those dorky kids who put knives between their fingers so they can be Wolverine were right. It is enjoyable.