Sunday, October 19, 2008

Have you talked to your doctor about the patch? (Those who are pregnant or at risk of stroke should not take 3.02)

I had my virtual life layed out for me. Hunter to 70. Rogue to 70. Fuck around on my warrior. Goddamnit, 3.0. Inscription is done but Hallow's End comes along and taunts me with some genuinely fun achievements that you will not be able to do until next year. Say goodbye to being on schedule for Wrath, folks. I've been selling less and less glyphs just out of sheer laziness, but hope to pick back up again to buy my alts epic mounts. Should be transferring to Maelstrom at some point.
In the real world, I have decided to become a viking. yep. Abe Lincoln is pretty much normal as far as costumes go. I am already tell. Vikings? Shit yes you get that helm and a sword and like maybe a beard or something. And a boat.
Photographer came, stayed for an hour, decided to take a picture of me throwing pizza in the air. Should see it this friday.