Friday, October 17, 2008

I smashed up they grey, then we bought tha' red

So there I was wednesday night ultimately pissed at two of the people I work with. It is friday and I am considerably less pissed. People who tell you attitude gets you places don't know the truth of things. People around you are bound to affect you and I figured that the difference between tonight and wednesday night were the people around me. I fucking love my job on fridays. Some of the funniest stuff is said on friday nights when no one is listening. My boss offers me a spot in a gay triad, I offer my boss a cosby-sweater. (I had to explain it to him.) Anyways-if you're a miserable sad sack, surround yourself with different people. It does wonders. Fuck the people who bog you down.
Good news from work, as well. Photographer for Courier Journal calls. Wants to do a photoshoot at my house for my article due either next friday or on Halloween. Awesome. I need to do the following-
1. Clean my goddamn cave of a room.
2. Stand all of the transformers up. (Reppin Onslaught humpin Ratchet)
3. Get the fucking nerf darts out of each corner of my room
4. I don't think you understand how hard it is to stand up transformers.
5. Spray paint that shirt and gently suggest "FREE GUN SHOW" is not offensive or politically charged to the photographer.
6. Decide upon a good wallpaper to *maybe* rep in a photo of me being nerdy. Right now I have a good one of Rorschach(sp)'s inkblot mask during the last few pages of WATCHMEN. Hot *damn* I need to carve up a stencil of the lovers in the alley and spray that all over Louisville.
Either Ror, a pic of the Melee Beats album cover to rep gooniness, or maybe one of a multicolor Daft Punk. Or the Danger pyramid. Know I am hip, Louisville. Know it.

OKAY. Lots of goals. Doing Blackwing Lair in WoW later. Very fun dungeon. Scared me the first time through. lagged through the supression room.
So for topics. I wanna take it back to WATCHMEN for a second.


So our main villain here has a really short-sighted solution to the evils of society. His *solution* is debatable morally and I got sorta pissed at Moore for fucking up at a few crucial points in the book. Ozy, man, I sorta saw him as being the bad dude for quite a while, but when I thought of him fucking up New York I didn't think it'd be such a weird way to do so. It just *does not* fit into the rest of the story. Sore thumb. Some good art comes out of it, and the dialogue from news companies on the tv panels in Antartica have a lot of sincerity to them, but really, alien? Half of the fun of Watchmen is the aspect of humanism, but you bring this fucking monster into so late into the crux of the book? No good.
Second off-Ozymandias you are a goddamned idiot. For someone who envisions the world as peaceful because of a fake alien invader, you come across as pretty certain as to the world's outcome. So his plan is to calm Russia and the U.S. the fuck down by making them unite against a cause. Millions dead in New York. This seems a bit short sighted-for a genius that follows in the steps of Alex the Great he really expects too much from his masterplan. I mean, the dude speaks as if this hoax will end all war. No. No. No. Russia and U.S. kill alien. Nations twiddle thumbs. Well. Where'd that put you?
Another thing. Ozymandias goes on this huge fucking rant about how war is making America impoverished and bankrupt on education. So encouraging warfare amongst fake aliens does what to correct the moral desolation of America and gives money to what schools, now?

Small peckings at an otherwise great piece of art.

But one last thing. At first I thought Rorschach was a huge ass. Dr. Manhattan was awesome. Nope. End of the book? I have more sympathy for everyone BUT Doc. Why? Rorschach stays true to the character 'till the end. As Doc goes off to Mars and chats with Laurie, he totally changes perspectives. Laurie and Doc discuss the merits of human perspective, the universe, etc etc. Doc is like "Nope Laurie, you're a piece of shit, quit bitching and calm down. Earth sucks."
The rest of the conversation ensues as such-

Doc-Laurie quit crying seriously it's just a fucking planet humans aren't that great
Laurie-Hey fuck you nuh uh

Then he sorta panders around, fulfilling the whole "Ooh I love watching molecules do the nasty" stereotype. The 'Rors undergoes evaluation' part of the book is fucking depressing. Doc had an interesting backstory but his future and present self are not nearly as interesting.


Okay. I am off. Posts tomorrow.

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