Thursday, October 23, 2008

Naming him laika was probably a poor decision on my part

In other news, I am still giving that "spice up your life with love/creativity" horoscope until Sunday. If I have failed miserably on Sunday, I will probably just continue onward like I do every week so I guess I am okay with that.
Saw Pride and Prejudice at Actor's Theatre and for an incredibly bland story the second half of it turned out very well, even though the whole play can be summarized by this:

random daughter-"OH BOY A LETTER FROM DARCY!"
other girls "OH HOW DELIGHTFUL"

And they jump around and shout for "ma'ma" and touch their breasts in excitement. This is pretty much how the play worked.

I will be in the Courier Journal tomorrow and hopefully I enjoy my time in my own little, special, spotlight. Friday should be a good day, but it'd be even better if that stupid cat came home. I guarantee he is living it up in someone else' house eating fatty foods and chillaxing out by a pool.

I am tired but tomorrow I am gonna talk about how Godspeed You! Black Emperor has affected post-rock in both good (DMST) and bad (every other side project) ways.

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JESSE spiro said...

Selma Blair...Kath and Kim Blows...Zombies Rule...