Monday, October 27, 2008

Turn it up and make it knock (knock)

I don't to mean to do it purposefully, but more and more it seems like I take interest in stuff that seems very modest and can be done by any simple person, but is very interesting in merit and originality. First it was small art projects-then it was stencils. A friend of mine brought up the subject of Lego and since then I've been looking at a lot of sculptures people have made either to serve the purpose of playful diorama making or for more 'meta' pieces of artwork. There is a lot of it out there, folks.
Some of it is rather simple and uses special pieces in interesting ways while others take the *entire idea* of Lego and makes some rather...dramatic works. These kinds of works makes me wonder-how many can accomplish stuff like that, when given the time? Are people popular for this solely because they are the first? I shrug at the answers because it does not make the piece less remarkable.
My last Lego minded link. This guy is *fantastic.* The idea is very meager and manageable but I can guarantee it is more cumbersome once you realize a few pixels translates into dozens of blocks.
So let's talk about Blogging. The reason I talk about merit and originality and all of that is because I've been doing a few small bits of research. I have been nose deep in internet articles studying my butt off about the business of blogging and blog advertising. (This has been accompanied by the bangin Girl talk album entitled Night Ripper!) I have always had the goal to have a career doing something I love, and while I can't say I would like to make blogging my number one profession, I would absolutely love seeing monetary "results" from it, if you catch my drift. While I haven't made heads or tails of it all, I had an extremely good idea.
I'm going to try to make some moolah off of this blog. A big sliver of it will go to Child's Play Charity for my Senior Project at Brown School. Sweet. Have fun with something and help your grades *and* Children's Hospitals! I'll try to figure out donation widgets and Adsense soon...Seems like this is too easy to pass up.
Consider me happy when Kosair Children's Hospital is happy with what I've done and when I have a Macbook. (Look. I know greed is a sin but..) Notice how I did not mention having good grades at all?

Anyways. In the World Of Warcraft, boy have I been busy doing a whole lot of nothing. Blizzard has really made up for the Burning Crusade launch event with the WOTLK scenario. Zombies (which have spawned from Plagued Rats, Roaches, and Crates) have been constantly bombarding major cities. At first, infection took ten minutes and was easy to dispell, via decursing or from the help of Argent Dawn Healers. Not so, when it came past Saturday. Infection took 1 minute at it's shortest time, meaning a handful of zombies could explode and infect anyone nearby. And I mean anyone. (Corpse Explosion will infect someone. Repeated exposure brings you ten seconds closer to turning.) Most of saturday night was spent making the corpse run to Ironforge's Auction House, just to explode.
Here is what would happen.
I turn. Guards rush in. Players turn around and stare. I explode and everyone is infected. Auctioneers are included. As I run back, someone tries to decurse everyone. I run back in just in time for all those who have not been reached to turn, reinfected those who have been decursed. Auctioneers turn and people are left helpless. As a 51 point arms warrior, I did a stupid thing and got Bladestorm. This means I Whirlwind for six seconds straight. This means I could kill the zombies I just infected, and possibly get infected myself! Sweet!
I can't describe the glory that it was, boning people over no matter what, but it was definitely a hoot. Major cities everywhere looked like a Warzone. My applause goes to Blizzard for creating such a dynamic and engaging event. The battle between WoW and WHO has gotten even better, mainly because Blizzard has pulled a few of their customers back for this event, and in two weeks, for the launch of WOTLK. I will be content if the expansion is half as fun as this event.

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